Flowchart & Python API

The functions in the below table can be called directly from both a Flowchart and a Python script.

Function Short Description
get_absolute_time Returns the time in milliseconds elapsed since 00:00:00 UTC 1 January 1970. Differs from gettime function in the following points: time is relative to 00:00:00 UTC 1 January 1970; more precise; can be significantly slower on some machines and should be used judiciously.
encode Encodes data element (usually a PDU) into a bit-string
seedrandom Restarts the pseudo-random sequence generated by rand()
getdir Returns the script directory
getexamplesdir Returns the absolute path to ‘Examples’ folder. You can concatenate the result with ‘\Scripts’ to get root of all script examples.
getworkspacedir Returns the absolute path to ‘Workspace’ folder
getcommondir Returns the absolute path to ‘Common’ folder
rtp_create_session Creates an RTP session
rtp_set_session_remote_addr Sets remote address and port for an RTP session
rtp_tx_init_srtp Initialize SRTP in the outgoing direction
rtp_rx_init_srtp Initialize SRTP in the incoming direction
rtp_terminate_session Terminates an RTP session
rtp_tx_set_dscp Sets DSCP field in outgoing IP frames
rtp_tx_setup_iuup Configures IuUP parameters for a transmitting session
rtp_tx_tone Commences transmission of a tone consisting of one harmonic as an RTP stream
rtp_tx_dtmf Sends DTMF digits over a given session
rtp_tx_silence Sends silence over a given session
rtp_tx_wav Commences transmission of a waveform from a wav file as an RTP stream
rtp_tx_encoded Commences transmission of a preencoded file as an RTP stream
rtp_tx_audio Commences transmission of the PC’s audio input (e.g., microphone)
rtp_tx_get_status Retrieves RTP generation process status
rtp_rx_setup_payload Configures encoding to be used to handle incoming RTP packets with the specified dynamic payload type (see RFC 3550, 3551 on payload types)
rtp_rx_wav Commences reception of the waveform from an RTP stream and recording it to a .wav file
rtp_rx_audio Commences reception of the waveform and redirecting it to PC’s audio output (e.g., speaker)
rtp_rx_detect_dtmf Starts DTMF detection on a given RTP session
rtp_rx_dtmf Receives DTMF digits from given RTP session
rtp_rx_detect_tone Starts tone detection on given RTP session
rtp_rx_tone Checks if a given tone was detected on a given RTP session
rtp_rx_off Ceases reception on a given rtp session
rtp_rx_get_jitter Retrieves the current jitter
rtp_rx_get_loss Retrieves the current packet loss ratio
rtp_rx_get_cumulative_loss Retrieves the cumulative packet loss ratio
rtp_tx_data Transmits data block within RTP session, e.g. for DTMF or tone events
rtp_tx_off Ceases transmission on a given RTP session
rtp_set_mirroring_mode Controls RTP session mirroring mode
rtp_preencode Encodes .wav with the specified audio codec and saves the result to the other file
mos_calc Calculates the MOS
mos_get_val_int Retrieves the calculated MOS value
mos_get_delay_ms Retrieves the calculated MOS delay
MD4 Calculates MD4 of data (octet string)
MD5 Calculates MD5 of data (octet string)
DES_Encrypt Encrypts data using DES
DES_Decrypt Decrypts data using DES
MD5DigestResponse Calculates MD5 Digest Response when SIP called party requires authentication
ModPow Computes (base ^ exp) % mod
SHA1 Calculates SHA1 of data (octet string)
HMAC Calculates a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC)
MILENAGE_f1 Calculates f1 function from the MILENAGE algorithm set (3GPP TS 35205-208)
MILENAGE_f2345 Calculates f2345 function from the MILENAGE algorithm set (3GPP TS 35205-208)
MILENAGE_f1star Calculates f1* function from the MILENAGE algorithm set (3GPP TS 35.205-208)
MILENAGE_f5star Calculates f5* function from the MILENAGE algorithm set (3GPP TS 35.205-208)
TLS_AddTrustFile Adds the trusted CAs in order to verify client or server certificates
TLS_SetupCredentials Sets a certificate/private key pair. Callable from JScript/VBScript/Perl/Python script only