Python API

The functions in the follow-up table could be called from a Python script.

Function Description
send Send a packet
receive Receives a packet.
sleep Delays script execution.
gettime Returns the time in milliseconds elapsed from start.
run Starts a child script.
waitchild Waits for child script to complete. The child script must be previously run() in asynchronous mode.
stop Stops script execution.
decode Decodes data element from a string of octets or bits.
decodeex Decodes multiple PDUs from a string of octets or bits or from a lower PDU.
create Creates a variable of a given type, typically a packet.
gettype Returns type of a data element).
getpco Determines PCO of the data type. Yields run-time error if the type is not a packet at any PCO.
copy Creates a copy of a PDU (or any data element - e.g., PDU’s field).
equal Compares data elements - PDUs or their fields.
spoil Overwrites the data element passed as the argument with a value of ASN.1 ‘ANY’ type. You can then modify that ‘ANY’ and thus substitute any possible encoding for the ‘spoiled’ element. This is useful in negative testing, when invalid from the point of view of the protocol specification packet has to be sent.
random Pseudo-random number in range 0..1. Independent from language-specific random generation. Pseudo-random sequence can be restarted by seedrandom.
print Outputs one or more values to the [Execution Log][exec-log-lnk]
sprint Formats one or more values as a string, identically to print()
keypressed Checks for keyboard input
getchar Gets a character from keyboard
getchars Gets all available characters from keyboard.
bindevent Creates a handler for the event from a HTML control. Assign it to a HTML event handler.
createwindow Creates a modeless dialog box that displays HTML
helper Creates a Packet Studio-defined helper object
definevariable Define variable for usage in including Flowchart
getcorecount Get the number of CPU cores available
mos_get_val Retrieves the calculated MOS value
mos_get_delay Retrieves the calculated MOS delay
presskey Simulates keyboard hit